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AG3, Inc.
AG 3, Inc. is a liner producer specializing in perennials, tropical foliage and carnivorous plants. Their tissue culture facility offers continuous availability on hard to find and new plant varieties. They offer diverse selections and provide a research and development program to ensure you only receive top quality plant materials.


Casa Flora
Information sheets from Casa Flora:

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Programs and pricing:

Classic Groundcovers
For availability and pricing, just call or email Dave at Berbee Young Plants.


Donahue's Clematis
For Spikes, Sprengeri and Vinca see 2.5" list.


Emerald Coast Growers
Published volume discounts - per order/quote
25+ trays -- 6%
50+ trays -- 8%
100+ trays -- 10%
150+ trays -- 12%
200+ trays -- 14%

Packing charges $3.00 per tray.
Picture tags 0.14 each (counted to match order)

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Programs and pricing:

Fall Bareroot Perennials
Quality bareroot perennials available starting August 20 for late summer planting.


Hillcrest Nursery
Herb liners (organic)
Get current availability direct from the grower:

Leo Berbee Bulb Company, Inc.
Current availability at www.berbeeus.com.
The Leo Berbee Bulb Company is the wholesale division of the Berbee companies of Marysville, Ohio. Berbee Bulb offers the finest bulbs and perennials and their staff is dedicated to do everything to assure you receive quality product, on-time shipments and superior customer service.


Pioneer Gardens, Inc.
Massachusetts grower of high quality perennial plugs and bare root starter plants. 3 tray minimum per variety for plugs, 100 plants per variety bare root. Ship charges added to the invoice.


Volume discounts and Early Order Discounts available. EOD is 10%. Early Order deadline is November 1st.

Minimum Order is 4 trays per ship date. $25 under minimum charge is added to any order below minimum.

All pricing is Delivered Pricing.

Tags are available Inquire about Pick up Pricing

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Programs and pricing:

Schreiner's Iris Gardens

Spring Valley Greenhouse

Stonehouse Nursery
Perennials & grasses
Get information direct from the grower:

Swift Greenhouses
50 cell perennial, grass and herb plugs. Over 1000 varieties grown in 50 cell as well as smaller 288 perennial plug. Early shipping and volume discounts can apply to all orders. Large picture tag also available upon request. Call Dave @ BYPD for catalog and lists.

Get current availability direct from the grower:
Programs and pricing:

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